De-Winterizing Our Airstream In The Driveway

When the winter finally relented with the under freezing temperatures I started getting our camper ready for the camping season.  I had three different things I needed to do to get the camper ready to go for the 2018 season.  First I had to make sure all of the devices that ran on batteries, most importantly smoke detectors, had new batteries.  Second I wanted to make sure the water system had all of the RV antifreeze rinsed out.  Finally I sanitized all of the water supply lines and fresh water tank.  This video shows the batteries and line flush.  I will post the sanitizing video in a few weeks.

Installing Goodyear Endurance Tires and Centramatic Wheel Balancers in My Driveway

After reading example after example of the Goodyear Marathon tires having catastrophic failures on Airstream travel trailers I decided I did not want to have the same thing happen to me.  I went round and round in my head between the different options other owners have done – from new wheels with light truck tires to different brands of tires. I finally decided that I would use the Endurance models that are the exact size as the factory put on my trailer when new.  At the same time I added the Centramatics mainly as a feel good measure.  During the video I show and talk about the torque setting to use is 90 but after a couple of viewers pointed out that I was using the wrong setting I looked it up and was proven wrong.  Make sure you check your manual – I should of used 110 foot pounds instead of what I say/show in the video. 

Connecting Your Trailer To Your Tow Vehicle

This is another edition of the video series for my wife to reference if she ever wants to go camping without me or with a friend.  In this video I go over the specifics of hooking up our Airstream to our Ford Raptor with the Equalizer hitch.  Most but not all of the techniques will translate to various other combinations of trailer/truck/hitch’s out there.

A Strong Shower With Half The Water

I bought this a year ago but I always had something else that I need to do but finally on our last camping trip I decided I would install it.  What a dummy…I should of installed the Oxygenics when I bought it.  Definitely a worthwhile purchase.  

YouTube Channel – New Video Added

I am working on a series of videos that my wife can reference if she ever wants to or needs to go it alone.  The series starts with getting your trailer and tow vehicle ready for a trip and continues through hooking trailer up to tow vehicle then on to setting up camp and finally to getting home.