How To: Add Gas Hinges to Keep Cabinet Doors Open

Are you tired of some of the cabinets in your camper not staying open on their own? I had two problem cabinets and it finally got to a point where I had to find a solution. I used gas struts which are cheap and readily available on Amazon. I should of done this after the first time I had to use my head as a door prop.

AV Upgrade – Phase 2

I started the second phase of my AV upgrade for our Airstream this past weekend. Those of you who have followed along for a while know that I have already upgraded my TV’s and audio system which I am calling Phase 1. This is what I have already done:

1. Upgraded to larger television in main area
2. Moved original TV to replace smaller TV in bedroom area
3. Added Bose Solo 5 sound bars to both TV’s
4. Added AppleTV3 to both TV’s
5. Created a bluetooth splitter so I can steam to both Bose speakers from single source at same time.

For Phase 2 I am adding pulling out Clarion head unit and stock speakers, adding a pocket in place of the head unit, adding a 4in-2out HDMI matrix switch, replacing the two AppleTV3’s with a single AppleTV 4, adding a Raspberry Pi with Kodi for my media player, and a custom programmed remote control for the whole thing.

All of this hardware will be installed in the overhead where the current bluray player is without using any extra space. The media player will allow me to bring almost any type of media file on a portable or thumb drive and watch it on either TV. The AppleTV will give me the capability to use Airplay from my phone or ipad or even those rare occasions where I have bandwidth allow me to stream from the Internet. The matrix switch will let me watch any input on any output – so I can watch one thing on one TV and something else on another.

This past weekend I pulled out the head unit, speakers, and cleaned up the old wiring. Look for updates here as well as a full video of the project on my YouTube channel when I am all done.

Here is video of part of Phase 1