Brand New Lifetime 55QT High Performance Cooler Review

We bought a new Lifetime cooler and based on our experience so far it exceeds or at least equals the performance of the Yeti coolers but at more than a third of the cost of their smaller Tundra 45.

I mention that it leaks around the seal in my video but I am only repeating what others have said in reviews.  I had the cooler full of ice in the back of my pickup for five days through all kinds of driving – including 4-wheel driving on the sand at 30+ MPH – and I have not had any leakage at all.

Sanitize the Water System in your RV

Keeping your water system clean is a very important part of your RV maintenance plan.  At least once a year you should sanitize the water system in your camper or RV.  It is easy and cheap to do.  I complete this right after I de-winterize but anytime is good.  I do make sure that I have the hot water heater bypass on – I do not want to run the bleach mix through my hot water tank…just the lines.

We Bought A New Camping Table And Love It

I wanted a better table than the one we got from Wal-Mart many years ago so I went looking on my favorite online store – Amazon.  I found this one, read the reviews and pulled the trigger.  I could not be happier that I bought it!  Check it out…

De-Winterizing Our Airstream In The Driveway

When the winter finally relented with the under freezing temperatures I started getting our camper ready for the camping season.  I had three different things I needed to do to get the camper ready to go for the 2018 season.  First I had to make sure all of the devices that ran on batteries, most importantly smoke detectors, had new batteries.  Second I wanted to make sure the water system had all of the RV antifreeze rinsed out.  Finally I sanitized all of the water supply lines and fresh water tank.  This video shows the batteries and line flush.  I will post the sanitizing video in a few weeks.