Airsteam AV Upgrade Part 1 – Removing Old Hardware

I recently finished upgrading the audio/video equipment in my Airstream. No longer do I have a single DIN car stereo as the driver of my system. If you have been a subscriber on our YouTube channel you would already know that I upgraded the displays and added sound bars but I have not changed out everything but the HDMI cables to the TV’s. I have added an Apple TV 4, a Raspberry Pi running KODI, an HDMI matrix switch (which allows me to show any input to either or both TV’s), and a custom programmed RF remote control. Below is the first of three parts to this project…please subscribe, click the thumbs up, and leave me a comment…enjoy!

What’s in My Toolbox?

I have seen questions asked regarding what tools should you have with you when camping and in reality there is no correct answer. A lot of this depends on the type of camping you do, the lengths of your trips, and how far away from things you end up. Those of you that are full time or go for weeks long trips you will need to have a few more items added to your kits. Most of our trips are long weekends not far from major cities so I bring a collection of tools with us that will help me fix minor inconveniences