The Tool You Use When Working on Your Propane System – TopTes PT520A

This is the tool you need whenever you are working on anything that uses propane, natural gas and many more varieties of combustible gas.

Link for TopTes PT520A Gas Leak Detector
10% off coupon code: 7PYEFVN8

Toptes gave me this tool in return for a review on my channel. Getting this for free did not force me to give it a positive review as you can see in the video I do have a couple things I did not like about it.


Beech Lane Sewer Support + Bonus…

It has been an super busy and expensive summer. Started with rocker panel and frame rust on our tow vehicle that I noticed because I had to crawl underneath for something hanging down. Turned out to be a broken wire tie that was easily fixed but the rust is turning out to be a money maker for the local body shop. Then had someone run into our Airstream in the driveway. Airstream repair has been done and we brought our trailer home last weekend in perfect condition thanks to Broken Rivets (more to come on that soon). Meanwhile I have a bunch of product from Beech Lane that has been sitting until I got the trailer back for us to check out. Here is the first couple products – the Beech Lane Sewer Support and a bonus product….thanks as always for watching and supporting our channel.