The August 4th Generation Smart Lock Is Terrible!

After my Schlage Sense lock broke earlier this year I decided to do some research and upgrade. What did I pick??? – the August Smart Lock. Very much a bad decision on my part and I have been kicking myself for several months. I had the Sense lock for a few years and never really had any issues – something internally broke is the only reason for the change. I am pretty sure that the reason for the break is that the latch was pretty tight when locking and eventually the mechanism inside the Sense gave up. I chiseled out and filed the replacement plate and now the latch is smooth like butter. Definitely recommend the Schlage Sense Smart lock if you want something that work for HomeKit and just about everything else.

New Handles & How Does That ZipDee Awning Tool Work?

We recently posted some how-to’s on our Zip Dee awnings and a few comments came up about the ladder I use versus the awning tool that was provided. I was sent the link for the Zip Dee awning handles on another comment. So I decided to show the new handles and how the tool works in a new video…thanks for the feedback!

Storage Nerds – Episode 1 The $10 Unit

This is a brand new series on the Airstream Nerds channel – I have decided that I wanted to try my hand at storage unit auctions and enlisted the help of my sister-in-law Laurie. This is our first time doing this and it was actually pretty fun – made even better because we did not lose any money! Enjoy and please comment below if you have any tips or tricks for us to use on future units.