Product Review: AIEVE Cooler Tie Down Kit

I have a couple of the Lifetime brand coolers from Walmart and instead of using packing straps with the big hooks on them I decided to try these and I really like them. AIEVE Cooler Tie Down Kit , 15% off code 9DZL4ORG

Lifetime 55 Quart Cooler Review
Lifetime 77 Quart Cooler Review

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Do You Have A Screen Coming Apart?

The screen in for the emergency exit window was separating from the frame the last time I was in my trailer and I finally decided to fix it.

Precision Pick Set –
Screen Spline Tool –

Product Review: Hitchport Trailer Tongue Hitch Bar and Spring Bar Storage Kits

When I arrive at the campground and unhook the Airstream most times I end up putting the bars and hitch into the back of my truck. Leaving these items at the campsite is much more preferrable in my book. I like the idea of taking them off but also not having them laying on the ground and these brackets work perfectly for me.

Hitchport Spring Bar Storage Mount
Hitchport Hitch Bar Storage Mount
Hitchport Security Screws w/Bit