Campground Review: KOA Sweetwater, Tennessee

It has been a slow camping year so for us – real life keeps getting in the way.  However, we did get away for a week in April for the New Rattitude Rat Terrier Jamboree in Sweetwater, TN.  The KOA in town hosted the event and it turned out to be a nice trip.  We made some new friends and met a ton of great dogs that need homes.  The owners of the campground do a nice job at keeping the place clean and inviting – see more in the video below… 

Product Review: Suncore 10×42 Binoculars

I have been wanting to buy a pair of nice binoculars for a long time now.  My in-laws have these great binoculars made by Swarovski but the problem is they are $2000 for the pair.  And I have not had an extra 2K  that I could feel good about spending on a pair of binoculars that I would only use a few times a year. reached out to me wanting to know if I would be interested in receiving some of their product in exchange for an honest review. So I went to their site, searched through their many products and decided to pick a pair of binoculars – just to see – so to speak. Needless to say I was very surprised to find that these $60 binoculars perform…not as great as the Swarovski pair but more than good enough for the casual owner.

Airstream Drone Shot

I had my new GoPro Karma drone out this weekend and got this picture of our Airstream and Ford Raptor in the driveway.  The whole Airstream Nerds crew is represented – the car on the right is owned by Tyler.