Installing Goodyear Endurance Tires and Centramatic Wheel Balancers in My Driveway

After reading example after example of the Goodyear Marathon tires having catastrophic failures on Airstream travel trailers I decided I did not want to have the same thing happen to me.  I went round and round in my head between the different options other owners have done – from new wheels with light truck tires to different brands of tires. I finally decided that I would use the Endurance models that are the exact size as the factory put on my trailer when new.  At the same time I added the Centramatics mainly as a feel good measure.  During the video I show and talk about the torque setting to use is 90 but after a couple of viewers pointed out that I was using the wrong setting I looked it up and was proven wrong.  Make sure you check your manual – I should of used 110 foot pounds instead of what I say/show in the video. 

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