A Little Paint On My Truck

I just got my truck back from the body shop. I had installed a custom light insert in my bumper a couple years ago and decided I did not want it anymore so I took it off. The time with it on caused some paint to wear off the bumper and I found some rust.

When I replaced my stock mirrors with towing mirrors I decided to go cheap on the mirror top covers. The stock parts from Ford came either in chrome or primed. At the time I found a pair from an aftermarket place that the plastic was black and for the pair were about a third of the price as from Ford. I hoped that the color would last but it did not as you can see from the pictures. Lots of fade and discoloration from road chemicals and such.

So I had the bumper rust repaired/repainted and bought the more expensive mirror covers and had them color matched to the truck. Came out great I think – I took a picture of the old covers for comparison.

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